[Reflecting on a Big Year to Come for *The Last of Us*](https://www.naughtydog.com/blog/the_last_of_us_10th_anniversary_kickoff) by Neil Druckmann for Naughty Dog > Even as it turns 10 years old, it feels like The Last of Us has only just begun, and this busy year will certainly show why. All right, last *The Last of Us* post for the day. I’ve been chipping away at those interviews and articles for the past week, wanting to share tidbits I found interesting. This quote about a busy year for *The Last of Us* had me thinking about all of what a year of *TLOU* would entail. Here’s what I got. Up first are the confirmed milestones: # The HBO Show (duh) *The Last of Us* TV show starts this upcoming Sunday. I am jazzed to see this interpretation. The Last of Us Part I PC Port Out this March. I really need to build a gaming/capture/streaming PC some day. # The *TLOU* Board Game This went up on Kickstarter at the end of 2022. I backed it right away. It’s currently slated for the end of 2023, so we’ll see if it hits that window. # A Decade of *The Last of Us* This is fairly obvious. June 14, 2013 was launch day back on the PS3. I’ll never forget the power blip I had an hour or so into the game. Thankfully, I saved after the opening chunk. Now for the unconfirmed stuff… # Factions Multiplayer Game Actually Launches Feels like it is time for this one. The [[The Last of Us Multiplayer Game Drip Feed Keeps on Dripping|drip feed]] has been slow. I suspect (and hope) the pipe bursts this summer. I think [[The Last of Us Multiplayer Game is going to Pop Off|this game will be huge]]. I do wonder which platforms it will come to at launch. The PS5 is a lock. Do they also release it on PS4 (I hope not) and on PC (they should)? The PS4 is enticing because of the install base and the fact the game is undoubtedly built off *The Last of Us Part II*‘s engine. It is time to let the PS4 go though. The PC on the other hand, is the perfect spot for a multiplayer game to launch alongside the PS5 version. Add cross-play, trophies, and bam, you have opened the gates to wider success. The PC efforts at PlayStation and Naughty Dog have not gone unnoticed. I would think this could launch day and date with the PS5 version. # *The Last of Us Part II* Comes to PC Speaking of the PC, porting *Part II* feels like another slam dunk. PlayStation’s pipeline is there, whether it is done by Nixxes or Naughty Dog itself. This would put the entire series on PC, help promote the Factions game. I don’t see why this port would not happen.