PlayStation VR2: 13 new titles and launch lineup revealed by Shawne Benson (Director, Head of Portfolio, Global Third Party Relations) for the PlayStation Blog > We are currently tracking more than 30 games for the launch window through March*, including titles from popular IP like *Horizon Call of the Mountain*, *No Man’s Sky*, and *Resident Evil Village*. A free PS VR2 update for *Gran Turismo 7* is also on track for launch day. Finally. Nice to see confirmation that *Gran Turismo 7* is day one. Here are some on the games that have caught my eye for during the launch. *Before Your Eyes* is a game I’ve seen [Razbuten]( use in his videos. I had no idea it used your webcam to monitor blinking. This should be quite powerful with VR and the headset’s eye-tracking. PlayStation says *Pavlov VR* is the “#1 most popular multiplayer PC VR shooter.” Happy to see Sony chasing down top tier PC VR games. If only they’d chase down [*the* PC VR game](…[^1] *What the Bat?* hyppeeeeeeeeee! Glad I held off on snagging this on Quest 2. *Rez Infinite* and *Tetris Effect: Connected* are particularly exciting because of the PS VR2 haptics; both in the controllers and the headset. This should be as close as consumers can get to the [Synesthesia Suit]( *The Last Clockwinder* is nothing like what I have seen in VR before. Spacial time Rube Goldberg puzzles is right up my alley. Another game I glad I waited to snag. I noticed a few of the games have free PS VR2 upgrades if you own the PS VR version.[^2] This is positive to see, especially considering the entirely different means of tracking. Notable titles not on the free upgrade path were *Rez Infinite* and *Tetris Effect*, both having a $9.99 upgrade price. *No Man’s Sky* also does not mention an upgrade path. This is, of course, up to the developers entirely. What I would really like to see is Sony offer upgrades for their prominent first-party PS VR games like *Astro Bot: Rescue Mission*, *Dreams*, and *Blood & Truth*. It feels good to have the full picture of PS VR2’s launch. That’s [[The Unanswered Questions for PS VR2|one fewer question I have]] for PlayStation. --- [^1]: And make PS VR2 PC compatible. [^2]: There were seven mentioned in the closing list. There were also five launch window games, which are supposed to be out by the end of March 2023.