Splinter Cell Conviction is being Delisted on Xbox

Microsoft announces plans to delist various games from the Xbox 360 marketplace by Tom Ivan for Video Games Chronicle

Microsoft has announced plans to delist various games and associated DLC from the Xbox 360 marketplace next month…

…Removals will begin on February 7, 2023. Microsoft also noted that once purchased, players can always redownload games from their Xbox 360 Download History.

This is why I stand by purchasing my games physically. At least Microsoft is keeping downloads available for those that have bought the games. For now.

Splinter Cell Conviction is sublime action-stealth. The black and white visuals combined with the mark and execute commands created a bodacious game.

Other notable games I see are the Left 4 Dead games, Limbo, Peggle 2, Dark Souls Spelunky, and The Orange Box.