[Microsoft announces plans to delist various games from the Xbox 360 marketplace](https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/microsoft-announces-plans-to-delist-various-games-from-the-xbox-360-marketplace/) by Tom Ivan for Video Games Chronicle > Microsoft has announced plans to delist various games and associated DLC from the Xbox 360 marketplace next month… > > …Removals will begin on February 7, 2023. Microsoft also noted that once purchased, players can always redownload games from their Xbox 360 Download History. This is why I stand by purchasing my games physically. At least Microsoft is keeping downloads available for those that have bought the games. For now. *Splinter Cell Conviction* is sublime action-stealth. The black and white visuals combined with the mark and execute commands created a bodacious game. Other notable games I see are the *Left 4 Dead* games, *Limbo*, *Peggle 2*, *Dark Souls*, *Spelunky*, and *The Orange Box*.