New Video about My Latest Gaming Pickups

Another new video for you all! This was an idea all of last month, but then my family and I were sick for a solid two weeks. The pile of games on my desk kept growing and I desperately wanted to film this so I could put them all away in their proper place. Feels good.

I wanted to make this pickups video as a follow-up to my collection and office tour. The response to that has been great! This seemed like a logical next video. I may make these throughout the year. We’ll see!

I experimented with a few things in the production. I’ve removed the shotgun mic above my iMac. I wasn’t a fan of the overall live quality. It’s great for raw audio and syncing, but unedited wasn’t up to my standards. So instead, I clipped a Rode wireless Go to my hat and used that for capture.1 Then I cleaned up the audio in iZotope and was much happier. It keeps the Shure Beta 87A out of my face and sounds good to my ears.

The thumbnail maybe clickbait-y (I am still having fun making them), but it is true that some of these I bought have been dream games to chase. I have been on a serious Nintendo DS kick lately and I don’t really want to stop.

1. This idea was totally taken from Alex Van Aken and his Mina the Hollower documentary.