App developer, sideloader, and emulator enthusiast Riley Testut teaches Max all about the delicate dance of stretching Apple’s rule and guidelines. It’s going to be a big year for both Apple and Riley as we speculate what 2023 will bring to light. <audio controls> <source src=""> </audio> - *[Download]( (39MB)— [[MFP21_Transcription.pdf|Episode Transcript]]* - [RSS Feed]( - [Overcast]( - [Apple Podcasts]( - [Spotify]( # Show Notes ## Sideloading on iOS • [Riley Mentioned on Daring Fireball]( • [Riley’s Sideloading Twitter Thread]( • [Apple to Allow Outside App Stores in Overhaul Spurred by EU Laws]( • [Xbox Game Pass App not Allowed on iOS]( • [Apple Allows Alternative Payments in Dutch Dating Apps]( • [StoreKit External Entitlement Support]( • [Sideloading Woes]( • [[Delta 1.3 Thoughts & Impressions]] • [Ryujinx Ported to Apple Silicon]( • [[Dolphin Emulator Ported Natively to Apple’s M1 Processor]] ## altStore Documentation • [altStore Support]( • [Make iOS A FREE Nintendo Switch Killer]( ## Apple’s VR/AR Headset • [Breath of the Wild gets Labo VR Support]( • [Playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on PlayStation VR]( • [[Apple’s Outward Focus to VR]] • [Virtual Boy]( ## Delta—Riley’s Nintendo Emulator • [Delta 1.3 Announcement]( • [melonDS]( • [Using a Real N64 with Delta]( • [Nintendo DS]( ## Post-Show: Ocarina of Time PC Port • [[MFP20 - “A Gift to the Zelda Community” with Javed Sterritt]] • [*Ocarina of Time* PC Port]( • [[OoT-Mac-Menu.jpg|The Ocarina of Time Mac Menus]] --- # Riley Testut • [Mastodon]( • [altStore]( • [Patreon]( [Max Frequency]( [[Chapter Select]] @ChapterSelect [Max’s Twitter @MaxRoberts143](