[PlayStation VR2: The ultimate FAQ](https://blog.playstation.com/2023/02/06/playstation-vr2-the-ultimate-faq/) by Sid shuman for PlayStation Blog Only two real answers I cared to see: > How long is this included USB Type-C cable for the PS VR2 headset? > > The included cable is approximately 4.5m (14.7 ft) long. Just shy of 15 feet seems acceptable to me. The Valve Index sports a 16 foot cable, so it’s in the ball park of the high-end PC headsets. > Will PS VR2 games be digital only or will there be physical disc releases? > > Initially at launch, PS VR2 games will be digital. Physical disc releases for select titles may be available at a future date. I am quite disappointed with this news. Real shame that Sony couldn’t (or wouldn’t) make physical copies of *Horizon: Call of the Mountain*. At least I’ll have the other two major titles—*Resident Evil Village* and *Gran Turismo 7*— on disc.[^1] One more tidbit… > How many games are in development for PS VR 2? > > There are currently more than 100 titles in development for PS VR2. I wonder if that number includes the 30~ in development right now for launch. Either 70 or 100, it’s an impressive number. I’m curious how many are Sony first-party games and how many are ports/upgrades from PS VR1 titles. --- [^1]: Even then, the VR modes are not data on the discs. They'll still require a download.