Sony Publishes a FAQ for PS VR2

PlayStation VR2: The ultimate FAQ by Sid shuman for PlayStation Blog

Only two real answers I cared to see:

How long is this included USB Type-C cable for the PS VR2 headset?

The included cable is approximately 4.5m (14.7 ft) long.

Just shy of 15 feet seems acceptable to me. The Valve Index sports a 16 foot cable, so it’s in the ball park of the high-end PC headsets.

Will PS VR2 games be digital only or will there be physical disc releases?

Initially at launch, PS VR2 games will be digital. Physical disc releases for select titles may be available at a future date.

I am quite disappointed with this news. Real shame that Sony couldn’t (or wouldn’t) make physical copies of Horizon: Call of the Mountain. At least I’ll have the other two major titles—Resident Evil Village and Gran Turismo 7— on disc.

One more tidbit…

How many games are in development for PS VR 2?

There are currently more than 100 titles in development for PS VR2.

I wonder if that number includes the 30~ in development right now for launch. Either 70 or 100, it’s an impressive number. I’m curious how many are Sony first-party games and how many are ports/upgrades from PS VR1 titles.