PS VR2 Interview with 17-Bit – Digital Foundry

PSVR 2 Deep Dive – Song In The Smoke Preview – Talking Tech With 17-Bit by John Linneman for Digital Foundry

I’ve been chipping away at this interview for the past few days.1 Word on the street is the PS VR2 embargo is this Wednesday (2/15/22), which makes sense being a week before launch. Hearing devs talk about their experience with the hardware feels like a ice-cold glass of water on a hot summer day.

My biggest take away is the eye-tracking as a form on input. It sounds like magic. Weapon wheels, item pick-ups, and interaction with the speed and accuracy of your eyes is shaping up to be a generational leap for VR. Can’t wait to try it out next week.

1. 5 minutes here, 3 minutes there. I am learning that having a baby around the house means a lot more bit by bit doing whatever we’d like to do. 😅