Polymega App Announced

Introducing Polymega App by Polymega via Chris Scullion at Video Games Chronicle

This is the intuitive Polymega console experience, soon to be available as a free downloadable app that you can use on all of your devices. Share your collection, game states, installs, and more to the Cloud and never lose your progress ever again.

Using any standard disc drive, you can use Polymega App to play, install, and manage legacy games from physical media on your device…

So why buy a Polymega console?

We know that many new computers do not include disc drives, and they certainly don’t have cartridge ports! Polymega® Remix is the latest member of the Polymega hardware family, and with it you can play CD and Cartridge games on your PC and other devices using Polymega App! It looks and works just like Polymega, except it connects via USB to your device, and you use Polymega App to control it — simple as that! It’s compatible with the full suite of Polymega Element Module Sets, and starts at just $149 USD. More details coming soon.

This sounds like a fusion of a RetroN 5 with all its cartridge slots and the GB Operator. Let the computer and software handle the emulation and the physical hardware just dump the game as a ROM. No picture was shown, but it could be a promising all-in-one solution for classic consoles—both disc-based and cartridge-based. Please include the N64. Heck, throw in any disc console that doesn’t use Blu-Ray discs. Give people a sleek, modern, convenient way to back up there physical collection.