State of Play Incoming

New State of Play arrives Thursday, featuring Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League by Brett Elston for the PlayStation Blog

State of Play returns with its first show of 2023! Get ready for new looks at some anticipated games from our third-party partners, as well as a first glimpse at five PlayStation VR2 games set to arrive later this year. Then, settle in for more than 15 minutes of all-new gameplay details and updates on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the next game from Rocksteady Studios.

The State of Play is this Thursday at 4:00 PM EST. PlayStation Japan reports that the video presentation will be around 45 minutes and feature 16 games. Subtract the five PS VR2 titles and Suicide Squad and we have 10 mystery titles that should fill between 20 and 30 minutes.1 I’d wager on Final Fantasy XVI getting mentioned again, I’d love first-party. Perhaps we will finally see Naughty Dog’s “Factions,” but I suspect that will be shown no sooner than The Last of Us‘ 10-year anniversary.

Suicide Squad needs a killer demo. I’m not the only person hesitant about a shooty-shooter super hero game set in the legendary Arkham-verse by Rocksteady. I don’t doubt the dev team’s prowess, but I am cautious of the multiplayer, battle pass approach this game appears to be taking. I want to be excited about this one, but I’m struggling.

PS VR2 getting five new games announced right after launch day is excellent. And they are all supposed to launch this year. I bet we see Firewall Ultra. It could be more ports or enhanced versions, but I am hoping for at least one PlayStation Studios title to be revealed. And, of course, Half-Life: Alyx. These announcements could be the cherry on top of launch week.

1. I suppose those mystery games could take less time, but I’m not betting that five PS VR2 games will take more than 10 minutes to reveal and advertise. Prove me wrong Sony!