Capcom via Twitter, [Tweet #1]( and [Tweet #2](, translated via [Google Translate](『バイオハザード%20RE%3A4』のVRモードが開発スタート!%0A詳細は続報をお待ちください!%0A%0A『バイオハザード%20RE%3A4』のVRモードはPlayStation5%2FPlayStationVR2向けの無料DLCとして配信される予定です%E3%80%82&op=translate) > 『バイオハザード RE:4』のVRモードが開発スタート! > 詳細は続報をお待ちください! > > 『バイオハザード RE:4』のVRモードはPlayStation5/PlayStationVR2向けの無料DLCとして配信される予定です。 > VR mode of “Resident Evil RE: 4” has started development! > Stay tuned for more details! > > VR mode of “Resident Evil RE: 4” will be distributed as free DLC for PlayStation5 / PlayStationVR2. Feels both timely and strange to make this announcement. *Resident Evil Village* for PS VR2 just launched alongside the headset, so that makes sense to remind people that *Resident Evil 4*‘s remake will have some form of PS VR2 support as well. Capcom is roughly one month from *RE4*‘s release, so this indicates that the VR mode is further off. But why is development starting now? This makes me wonder when Capcom and PlayStation made the deal to add VR to the game. Capcom has also yet detail what this mode is. Many, including myself, hope it is the entire game; just like *[[S5E2 - Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard|Resident Evil 7: Biohazard]]* and *Resident Evil Village*, but they have not outright confirmed that hope. I was hopeful that we’d see this mode in action at the [[State of Play Incoming|State of Play tomorrow]], but if development just started, then I doubt it. I would have thought the mode would have been developed alongside the game, rather than at the end of its base development. I still cannot believe that Capcom is giving these VR versions away for free with the base game to PS VR owners. What remarkable goodwill to garner with fans/consumers. I wonder how much Sony pays Capcom for these exclusives. These are huge second-party exclusives for the platform. VR is the method I prefer to play *Resident Evil* in and [[S5 - Resident Evil|I will definitely be tackling Village with my PS VR2 for Chapter Select]].