A small update on [[The Max Frequency Podcast]]: The show is now available on YouTube. You can [check out the playlist](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxCxW3Sbhy5Z7nKV5ApiYGZ5v32NXmrWW), if you feel so inclined. Running two podcasts – [[Chapter Select]] and (what I affectionately call) *MFP* – I strive for parity between them. Not in content or format, but in quality-of-life and production value. *MFP* has had a scrappy nature from the word go. From the name and art to being schedule free, the show keeps me…loose. I am rigid when it comes to creative control. *Chapter Select* goes through a fine tooth comb of design. That’s not to say *MFP* doesn’t go through a similar comb (they are edited the same way). *Chapter Select* has had two offerings that *MFP* has not: a video version and, lately, transcriptions. That irked me. So now *MFP* has both, with the entire catalog being on YouTube with full transcription. Episodes 1-22 are unlisted: This is so my recent uploads section isn’t flooded with black thumbnails. [Episode 23 “‘A Passion for Smash’ – Celebrating 15 Years of Super Smash Bros. Brawl with Peter Spezia”](https://youtu.be/FaKGNeMxN-4) premiered last week to coincide with the anniversary of *Super Smash Bros. Brawl*. From here on out, episodes will be uploaded to YouTube publicly and coincide with the podcast feed release. In fact, the next episode is going up tomorrow. To make the video version, I am using an application called [FusionCast](https://fusioncast.rambo.codes/). It takes audio files and images, mashes them together, and spits out a video. It can do 4k (which I was tempted by), but I opted for 720p on the old episodes[^1] and 1080p for the new ones. This is a simple and clean way to make a video version of the show. It adds little to my workflow. And now, my two shows are on the same platforms for my audience. I feel much better. --- P.S. – You may also notice a little “MFP” menu item at the top of the page. It bugged me to only have Chapter Select specifically called out. I was worried about menu clutter, but now I say forget that. I am equally proud of both my shows and they deserve equal billing. --- [^1]: I used the batch export feature for the older episodes and 720p was much faster. Since these are purely auditory anyway, the visual fidelity matters little.