[Re-Making *The Last of Us Part I* – Noclip Documentary](https://youtu.be/L-KUxmvc_es) by Danny O’Dwyer on YouTube Watched this yesterday shortly after it went up. I was amped to get another proper documentary chronicling the development of *The Last of Us*. It’s been a decade since the last one. I was hoping for more insight on the origin of this remake, but Danny (at least in the final doco) does not ask about the [[PlayStation’s Blockbuster Garden|PlayStation Visual Arts Group’s attempt at the remake]]. There was a lone direct mention of PlayStation Visual Arts at [12:14](https://youtube.com/watch?v=L-KUxmvc_es&t=732). The public facing story, which I wager has some truth to it, is that Naughty Dog started the project when remaking cutscenes to utilize in *The Last of Us Part II*. I haven’t even played *Part I* yet (I know, I know). The documentary focuses heavily on the graphics/visuals and staying true to the original intent while leveraging modern hardware and tech. There was further confirmation regarding the animation team going back to old reference footage and hand animating the faces on PS5, just like [[Hand Animating the Faces in The Last of Us Part I|I wrote about last year]]. It’s neat to see more behind the scenes at Naughty Dog, but I was expecting a bit more insight to come to light. This felt more like a rehash of the press tour when the game came out last year. And this documentary coincides with the finale of the HBO show and the PC release of *Part I*…I hope Naughty Dog returns to producing documentaries alongside their games. I wish most studios would.