How I Edit My Podcasts

Another new video for you all; I think the title speaks for itself. I have wanted to make this sort of resource for awhile now. I think there is immense value in creating and sharing your creative process, so I wanted to continue to practice what I preach.

The latest episode of The Max Frequency Podcast“Get Real Nitty-Gritty” with Dustin Furman – is a deep dive into the production process behind creating shows. This seemed like a perfect companion to finally make a “How I Edit” tutorial.

I filmed the entire process from raw audio to the final product. In reality, this took four-ish hours, but I trimmed it down to just under one. My general formula for editing shows like mine is take the run time, double it, and add a few extra minutes for good measure. The uncut length of MFP 25 was just over two hours.

The video has chapter markers and AI-transcribed subtitles, plus links to all the hardware and software I use. I cut my YouTube-teeth making Action Replay and Adobe After Effects tutorials 14 years ago. I’m a technical writer by day. I have deep passion for making resources to help others. I hope this video is insightful and helpful to you.