[Walking Zelda – Ridgeline Transmission 157](https://craigmod.com/ridgeline/157/) by Craig Mod > Power, technology, mobility. Video games, when done well (and I believe *Zelda* in its many incarnations is one of the best-done ones of all time), are miraculous tools that can elevate the mind and, eventually, the body. A kid walking trailer parks dreaming of guns can wake up one day to find himself walking mountains on the other side of the world, inspired by a golden cartridge. I enjoy when folks write about the impact of video games, especially when I had no clue they played. Craig’s touchstones to the original *Zelda* and *Breath of the Wild* hit home with me. I think his experience is a testament to the team’s design goals of recapturing the wonder of said original game. I’d love to hear more from Craig about *Zelda*, games, walking, etc.