Celebrating Mega Man Battle Network

It is no secret I have deep fondness for Mega Man Battle Network 3. The Legacy Collection is finally out, and while I don’t have my own copy yet, I noticed a couple videos from some of my favorite YouTubers jacking in to the series.

8-Bit Music Theory dissects the “hype-est” track from games. 8-Bit’s full-blown analysis of music excites me. I may not know musical language or be able to read music (sorry piano teacher), but I learn something with every video. I feel smart watching the music play along the sheet and being able to visualize what 8-Bit is talking about.

Dan Root of Video Game Animation Study put out his first video in seven months and it is a full-blown, top down exploration of the animation for Mega Man and crew. The efficiency Capcom shows off on the Game Boy Advance is marvelous.

Both videos are superb and educational looks at some all-time classics, outside of the usual “here’s how the games play,” or “here’s all the hot Navi lore you need to know.” Check em out and then go play these games.