The fine folks over at Enhance and tha have announced the release date for the puzzle game Humanity with a total [throwback mishmash]( of trailers. Full disclosure; I was a play tester for *Humanity* and was financially compensated for my time. I [[MFP26 - “Mind-Boggling Effects” with Chris Johnston|chatted]] with Chris Johnston about it on [[The Max Frequency Podcast]]. I’d love to do a full, non-NDA-breaking write up about my experience someday after launch. I am stoked to dive in again and chase the Platinum. Eagle-eyed viewers may be able to find a level I made in the trailer. 👀 --- Procrastination pays off again! Mark MacDonald and my friend Chris Johnston published a [deep dive]( into the gameplay and modes of *Humanity* on the PlayStation YouTube channel. If you want a taste of what I was able to experience, check it out.