Tears of the Kingdom Impressions – SkillUp

I played Tears of the Kingdom (spoiler-free hands-on impressions) by Ralph for SkillUp

Previews for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom went up last week (I think…I’ve lost all sense of time). I glanced around at some written ones1, but SkillUp’s took the cake. Ralph is direct. This is the core loop of Tears of the Kingdom shown off in just the right amount. That’s all I plan on looking at from here on out.

Word on the street is that the game has leaked. Since I am social media free, I do not live in fear of spoilers. It’s a relief. I picked up my new Zelda-themed Switch last week.2 GameStop is preparing to tke my money for the collector’s edition. The hype train is-a rolling on.

1. I skimmed IGN‘s preview by Brain Altano and Comicbook.com‘s by Marc Deschamps.

2. It’s still in the box. Heck, it may be in there until after the move at the end of the month. I may not even touch TotK until June. 🤷🏼‍♂️