‘This Guy Reads a Lot Better’, with Quinn Nelson – The Talk Show

‘This Guy Reads a Lot Better’, with Quinn Nelson by John Gruber for The Talk Show

Special guest Quinn Nelson joins the show to talk about Apple’s rumored AR/VR headset, Apple silicon, and more.

No, this is not an episode of MFP. I wish! Seeing Quinn be a guest on The Talk Show made me quite happy. I’ve been watching and following Quinn’s work for nearly a decade.1 I would wager that being on The Talk Show is a dream most Apple fans, observers, commentators. As someone who looks up to both these fine folks, I felt pride listening to Quinn. Maybe someday I’ll get to talk to both of them.2

Plus, all their discussion on Apple’s VR/AR headset is spot on. This is a must listen before WWDC in one month.

1. YouTube says I started back in September 2014 with his “All About Headphones” series.

2. I don’t think I meet The Talk Show guest requirements, but maybe someday on MFP.