E3 is dead, long live Keighley-Con! Max and special guest Logan Moore are back for their eighth annual summer video game announcement predictions episode. <audio controls> <source src="https://traffic.libsyn.com/maxfrequency/MFP28_Final.mp3"> </audio> - *[Download](https://traffic.libsyn.com/maxfrequency/MFP28_Final.mp3) (60MB) — [[MFP28 Transcript.pdf]]* - [RSS Feed](https://maxfrequency.libsyn.com/rss) - [Overcast](https://overcast.fm/itunes1557043396) - [Apple Podcasts](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-max-frequency-podcast/id1557043396) - [Spotify](https://open.spotify.com/show/3W1LwBNmhZ6s5QmQViWXKn) # Show Notes ## E3 Hype is Dead - [[MFP09 - “My Sweet, Sweet Baby Nintendo” with Logan Moore]] - [[MFP15 - “Absolute Absurdity” with Logan Moore]] - The E3 Millennial Gaming Speak Archive - [E3 2023 is cancelled – GamesIndustry.biz](https://www.gamesindustry.biz/e3-2023-is-cancelled-esa-tells-us-why) ## Bad Times at Xbox - [[Halo’s Slipspace Engine is being Swapped]] - [[The Core of the Xbox Brand]] ## Nintendo 2023 Predictions ### Logan’s Nintendo Predictions - Nintendo ain’t gonna have nothing all summer. - [[S1E3 - Paper Mario - The Thousand-Year Door|Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door]] remaster launches in late 2023. - “Super Switch” will be announced in Fall 2023, have a showcase in early 2024, and launch in first half of 2024. - *Metroid Prime 4* will be shown for “Super Switch” and launch in 2024. - A new Nintendo-exclusive *Resident Evil* game will be announced. ### Max’s Nintendo Predictions - *Detective Pikachu* and *Kid Icarus* Uprising are announced for Switch. - *Pokémon* comes to Nintendo Switch Online - A new *Donkey Kong* game is announced for Switch. - *Super Mario Galaxy 2* will come to the Switch. - DLC for *Tears of the Kingdom* will be announced. The Switch ports for *Wind Waker* and *Twilight Princess* emerge and have content tie-ins to *TotK*. ## Xbox 2023 Predictions ### Logan’s Xbox Predictions - Xbox will show off more of *Avowed* and *State of Decay 3*. - *Persona 3* remake will be announced at Xbox’s Showcase. - id Software will tease their next game, but it will not be *DOOM*-related. - *Elden Ring* DLC debuts at Xbox’s Showcase. - Xbox will stealth release a Double Fine game. ### Max’s Xbox Predictions - *Indiana Jones* is shown off again because the movie is out soon. - *Perfect Dark* reemerges. - The Game Pass Family plan arrives in North America, alongside a price bump in the service. - The *Splinter Cell* remake is on Xbox’s stage. - *Gears of War* Collection announced, possibly with Unreal 5 efforts. ## PlayStation 2023 Predictions ### Logan’s PlayStation Predictions - *The Last of Us Part III* will be formally announced. The game will center around an older Ellie taking care of JJ. - *Marvel’s Wolverine* won’t been shown off at all, but it will be mentioned. - *Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2* will be shown off at the PlayStation Showcase and get a new window of 2024. - *Ghost of Tsushima 2* will be announced and reveal a new location. - Bluepoint Games reveals their next remake with a 2024 release window. ### Max’s PlayStation Predictions - *The Last of Us* Factions game is properly revealed. It is announced to launch on PC day and date. - A new *Twisted Metal* game is revealed to coincide with the TV show. - A PlayStations Studios team is making a major PS VR2 game. - A new *Uncharted* game is revealed from a Sony San Diego team. - *Spider-Man 2* gameplay is shown off. They confirm there is co-op. --- # Logan Moore - [Logan’s Twitter @MooreMan12](https://twitter.com/mooreman12) - [Comicbook.com](https://comicbook.com/author/MooreMan12/) [Max Frequency](https://www.maxfrequency.net/) [[Chapter Select]] @ChapterSelect [Max’s Twitter @MaxRoberts143](https://www.twitter.com/MaxRoberts143)