“Synergy on the Horizon” with Logan Moore

E3 is dead, long live Keighley-Con! Max and special guest Logan Moore are back for their eighth annual summer video game announcement predictions episode.

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E3 Hype is Dead

Bad Times at Xbox

Nintendo 2023 Predictions

  • Logan’s Nintendo Predictions
    1. Nintendo ain’t gonna have nothing all summer.
    2. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remaster launches in late 2023.
    3. “Super Switch” will be announced in Fall 2023, have a showcase in early 2024, and launch in first half of 2024.
    4. Metroid Prime 4 will be shown for “Super Switch” and launch in 2024.
    5. A new Nintendo-exclusive Resident Evil game will be announced.
  • Max’s Nintendo Predictions
    1. Detective Pikachu and Kid Icarus Uprising are announced for Switch.
    2. Pokémon comes to Nintendo Switch Online
    3. A new Donkey Kong game is announced for Switch.
    4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 will come to the Switch.
    5. DLC for Tears of the Kingdom will be announced. The Switch ports for Wind Waker and Twilight Princess emerge and have content tie-ins to TotK.

Xbox 2023 Predictions

  • Logan’s Xbox Predictions
    1. Xbox will show off more of Avowed and State of Decay 3.
    2. Persona 3 remake will be announced at Xbox’s Showcase.
    3. id Software will tease their next game, but it will not be DOOM-related.
    4. Elden Ring DLC debuts at Xbox’s Showcase.
    5. Xbox will stealth release a Double Fine game.
  • Max’s Xbox Predictions
    1. Indiana Jones is shown off again because the movie is out soon.
    2. Perfect Dark reemerges.
    3. The Game Pass Family plan arrives in North America, alongside a price bump in the service.
    4. The Splinter Cell remake is on Xbox’s stage.
    5. Gears of War Collection announced, possibly with Unreal 5 efforts.

PlayStation 2023 Predictions

  • Logan’s PlayStation Predictions
    1. The Last of Us Part III will be formally announced. The game will center around an older Ellie taking care of JJ.
    2. Marvel’s Wolverine won’t been shown off at all, but it will be mentioned.
    3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 will be shown off at the PlayStation Showcase and get a new window of 2024.
    4. Ghost of Tsushima 2 will be announced and reveal a new location.
    5. Bluepoint Games reveals their next remake with a 2024 release window.
  • Max’s PlayStation Predictions
    1. The Last of Us Factions game is properly revealed. It is announced to launch on PC day and date.
    2. A new Twisted Metal game is revealed to coincide with the TV show.
    3. A PlayStations Studios team is making a major PS VR2 game.
    4. A new Uncharted game is revealed from a Sony San Diego team.
    5. Spider-Man 2 gameplay is shown off. They confirm there is co-op.

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