I Helped Make Humanity

I chatted about it with Chris Johnston on MFP a few episodes ago, but I was a beta tester for Enhance and tha.’s new game Humanity. Chris put out a call in the Relay FM member’s Discord and I answered. I did enough work to have my name in the credits.

I’d love to break down what I did and how, but on launch day, I just wanted to share the news. Humanity is the first game I looked for the credits option at boot. It wasn’t there. I just beat it and earned the Platinum this morning. Seeing my name scroll by was surreal and mind-blowing. I helped out in the smallest of ways. The team made the game; I helped refine.

I am quite proud.

Full disclosure: I was financially compensated for my time, playtesting, and feedback. I was also provided an advance copy of the game for PS5. I am very grateful for that actually, since I would have had to skip buying the game at launch since I bought too much Zelda and am buying a house today.