[Introducing Punching Up, Last Stand Media’s Nintendo Podcast](https://www.patreon.com/posts/introducing-up-83066841) by Colin Moriarty for Last Stand Media > Today, we are pleased to launch an all-new product, one that many of you have asked for over the years. It’s called Punching Up: A Nintendo Podcast, a biweekly offering presented by Last Stand Media. You can listen to or watch the first episode right now, and if you’re not a Patron, our usual standard applies: The first episode is immediately free-for-all. So jump in! > > …I think you’re going to be pleased who we tapped to co-host Punching Up: Our very own Dustin Furman (Executive Procucer and co-host of Sacred Symbols), Dagan Moriarty (co-host of Constellation and KnockBack), and Micah Watson (Coordinator and Shopkeep), and — for the first time as an official member of our family — Gene Park (The Washington Post). This popped up in my feed and I was delighted and not surprised. After I chatted with Dustin on MFP two months ago, I asked if Last Stand was ever going to do a Nintendo show. Having coverage on [[Big Three Predictions 2023|The Big Three]] makes sense. While Dustin didn’t give me anything, I could tell during the intervening months that this was inevitable. Subtle drops or explanations of how they’d have to do it kept occurring. Colin mentioning designing a logo for a show. It was like buying a car and then suddenly seeing that model everywhere. I knew they’d tackle a Nintendo show soon. The first episode is great with a killer lineup of hosts. There’s a wide range of experience, insight, and knowledge. I’ll dip out before the *Tears of the Kingdom* chatter, but I’m here from week one.