A Chapter Select Season 5 Update

Hello everybody! I have a quick update for Chapter Select and the Season 5 finale. 

I have to delay the episode. My wife and I just bought a house and this move has been more demanding than I anticipated. The episode has been recorded, but I do not have the 4-5 hours to edit, produce, and publish the finale before Wednesday, May 31.1

My office is just a big ol’ pile in the garage. My iMac is in its box. I don’t know when I’ll get to setting up my desk. It should be soonish on the list, since I do primarily work from home. Once my computer is plugged in, I know I can wake up early a couple of days and knock the edit out. 

I am disappointed I couldn’t get this done in time. I hate delaying a publicly promised project. Consistency is the key to growth and trust. I ran out of time. I am sorry I dropped the ball right at the finish line. 

Thankfully, Logan and I have now both moved within the last year, so major geographical events should be behind us. Plus, Season 6 is already half way done. 😉 

Thank you all for your understanding and patience. I promise I will get to editing as soon as I can. Also, how hype was that Resident Evil 4 VR Mode teaser. Bring on the VR games!

1. Heck, I’m writing and posting this from my phone so late because I am too tired to keep clean and unpack.