Letting the Nerdy Inclination Go

I have had a realization during this whole move. It has hit me in pieces, over the course of various tasks, but the heart of it is “letting the nerdy inclination go.”

I was talking with my pal Casey about my ambitious property-wide networking solution (ironically, pre-move) and landed on that phrase when discussing speed limitations. The gist is I know I could get a certain speed, but letting go that I am not, in this case, for the sake of convenience.

Another instance would be my home office. I haven’t had my iMac for a month now. I was driving to work last week thinking about how I miss macOS.1 2 Near the front half of the move, this was driving me crazy. I am weeks behind on editing the Season 5 finale of Chapter Select. I have a proverbial mountain of posts (like this one) that I want to write. I have videos I want to make. But my home and detached office have been infested with fleas. The office needed some demo; it has to be painted to help get rid of the smoke smell; it needs a new mini-split for the same reason.

Given the new amount of space in the house versus the old apartment, we get to use both the LG C9 and C1 televisions. The C9 got bumped last year because of some dead pixels. Now that TV is our living room set, since we will just watch movies and shows on it (with some occasional gaming). The C1 will be in the office for all the fancy game tech. I know the dead pixels are there. I can see them when standing by the television. But when I am actually watching TV on my couch eight or so feet away, I can’t see them at all.

Are you getting it?

I have to let the nerdy inclination go. There are factors, circumstances, and things that exist that I cannot do anything about in a practical or realistic way. If I let the knowledge of a few dead OLED pixels or a few megabytes of internet or tiny fleas3 drive me batty, I will miss out on so much more. Letting the knowledge and the inclination I have go, accepting the reality of a given situation, frees me. To be frank, its saving my mind.

Let the nerdy inclination go. Do your best and the rest will all fall into place.

1. WWDC was upon us. Apple OS magic was in the air.

2. I truly hate working on Windows at my full time job. 

3. Okay, the fleas suck but have been/are being eradicated.