[Co-President Neil Druckmann Shares an Update on Naughty Dog’s New Studio Leadership Team](https://www.naughtydog.com/blog/neil_druckmann_naughty_dog_studio_leadership_team) by Neil Druckmann With the announcement that Evan Wells is retiring at the end of 2024, Neil made some new leadership announcements. Here’s the breakdown of the top dogs for 2024: - Neil Druckmann – President and Head of Creative - Alison Mori – Studio Manager and Head of Operations - Arne Meyer – Head of Culture and Communications - Christian Gyrling – Head of Technology - Erick Pangilinan – Co-Head of Art Departments - Jeremy Yates – Co-Head of Art Departments - Anthony Newman – Head of Production and Design These are all long-time dogs and logical bumps up in management. Almost all of these people have been with Naughty Dog for 15+ years. The biggest takeaway for me is Anthony Newman’s new role. Anthony was co-director on *The Last of Us Part II* and was (still is?) the co-director[^1] on the Factions multiplayer game that recently got [[The Last of Us Factions Multiplayer Game Delayed|delayed]]. It makes me wonder what the energy and development is like over there on their two or three projects. Interesting times at the studio, to be sure, but I feel it is safe to say that the team is in good hands. --- [^1]: Alongside Vinit Agarwal, who is a superb Factions player. This pair and their attention to detail in gameplay is a match made in heaven. Although, it just seems the game is not a match for longterm engagement and revenue.