Announcing Super Chapter Select

It is time to launch the next era of Chapter Select. Say hello to Super Chapter Select, a premium version of the seasonal, bounce back and forth podcast you know and love. For just $20 a year, you will gain access to longer episodes and supplemental bonus content for every single season.1 At launch, we have nearly 20 hours of member exclusive content. You can sign up right now to support the show and gain access the entire Super Chapter Select catalog.

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We have been working on Super Chapter Select for nearly two years now. The first journal entry I have fleshing out the idea is dated November 29, 2021. We began production in earnest with Season 3 – Banjo-Kazooie. That’s also when we planned on launching the membership alongside Season 6 – Pokémon.

You could say this has been a long time coming. Logan and I have made shows together for over eight years. We love podcasting together and producing the best show possible. We now feel like we have a special show and offering for fans to directly support the us and the program. Down below is a list of FAQs that should help out.2

Producing a premium show has been a goal of mine for over five years. I’ve been studying memberships and shows I adore to understand what makes them appealing to me and their audiences. I wanted to take our time and build our show right. I set out to apply their best principles in a way that fits our show and gives our audience a wonderful product at a fair price.

Thank you for joining us for this next chapter.3 We hope you enjoy!


What is Super Chapter Select?

Super Chapter Select is a premium version of Chapter Select with longer and exclusive episodes, as well as bonus video content.

How much does it cost?

Super Chapter Select costs $20 USD per year. This grants members access to the entire catalog.

Why make a premium version?

We felt we had more to offer and explore in the realm of Chapter Select. With funding from the fans, this helps us keep the lights on for the show and produce better seasons all around.

What kind of premium content will there be?

Every episode of Super Chapter Select will be longer with pre- and/or post-show chapters. These topics range from Severance, retro gaming set ups, the MCU, moving, etc.

There are also exclusive episodes, available only to members in their personal podcast feed. These will be detailed on the season pages. For example, Max and Logan did an episode about Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow, which introduces the character of Han before Tokyo Drift was ever made.

Each season also has bonus, supplemental videos. These include playing games from the first time, Pokémon battles, movie commentaries, and more.

What is changing with the regular version of Chapter Select?

Nothing. The base version of Chapter Select will remain the same, be released at the same time, and offer the same features and quality you have come to expect.

Will seasons be announced ahead of time?

Yes. We want members to have a vision of what is coming down the pipeline. We plan on announcing each year’s seasons, most likely in the summer time. This is subject to change and if it does, everyone will get a proper heads up.

Alongside announcing Super Chapter Select, we have announced Seasons 6, 7, and 8. Season 6 is Pokémon. Season 7 is Metroid Prime. Season 8 is Castlevania. You can read more about those seasons here.

Will you still produce two seasons a year?

Yes. This too is subject to change though. If we want to pursue a more ambitious and larger series – for example, The Legend of Zelda with its 19 main line games – we may decide to solely focus on Zelda that year.

Will there be any advertising?

Chapter Select does not have any advertisements at this time, but we are open to it. If we do find show sponsors, those ads will become a part of the regular version of the show. Super Chapter Select will remain ad free. If you’d like to sponsor a season of Chapter Select, contact us here.

Why only one tier?

When designing Super Chapter Select, I toyed with numerous tiers. In the end, I decided to keep it as simple as possible. One fixed price for one year of access.