[Unveiling The Retro Gem – HDMI for your Playstation 2 and more!](https://youtu.be/GWmyPw6gh4U) by PixelFX on YouTube > Pixel FX had put together a one of a kind universal PCB for all your retro consoles. The Retro Gem will allow your PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 to have have the highest quality Hdmi output. It will support up to 1440p the fidelity is unmatched. With custom scalers, scanlines and the whole nine, this is the ultimate upgrade for your systems. PixelFX has killed the [[Pixel FX Announced along with N64Digital|N64Digital]]. Long live the Retro G.E.M! The G.E.M is a universal digital mod for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, N64, and Dreamcast. It will also work with the Wii and Xbox down the line. You can buy the board buy itself for just $99, but that is without any specific console install kit and the “shiny” software. PixelFX is also selling a premium version of the G.E.M software for an additional $70 at time of purchase or $80 after purchasing the board. This upgrade adds support for up to 1440p, weave and motion adaptive deinterlacing, custom scaling, and retro special effects support. This universal approach makes total sense for PixelFX. They only have to design and produce one board for all the consoles they want to support. I would suspect this keeps their R&D and production tight. For me, I’ve always been torn on hardware mods. They provide that direct digital video, but usually involve cutting the console, not to mention soldering, which is a skill I do not have. The cost goes from just the board to paying a modder as well. With how good external scalers are, like the RetroTINK 5X[^1] and PixelFX’s own scaler [[PixelFX Has Big Plans for 2022|Morph]], I find the need for internal mods like this less and less important for my set-up. --- [^1]: And the newly announced RetroTINK 4K 👀