The RetroTINK-4K is Properly Introduced

Introducing the RetroTINK-4K by Mike Chi

After months of teases and tweets, Mike Chi has given the RetroTINK-4K a proper introduction to the world. It sounds like the dream scaler.

That dream does sound pricey though. Mike advises budgeting $1000 and then hoping “you will be pleasantly surprised when the actual price is determined.” Right now, the RetroTINK-5X1 costs $325. The 4K will surely be more than double that. We will have to wait and see for the real deal price though.

As far as performance, the world on the street is astounding. Bob from RetroRGB has been testing the 4K for months.

First and foremost, it’s still the best analog scaler I’ve ever used and compatibility has gone up significantly…

John Linneman from Digital Foundry just got his hands on a unit and the results are stunning. Personally, I love what John is able to do with the HDR injection. It still blows my mind when I turn on the HDR with my own TINK-5X. What a magical device all around.

1. Which now feels like it has an odd name, given 5 comes after 4.