New Membership Tier for Super Chapter Select

Hello everybody! Chapter Select Season 6 –Pokémon starts off tomorrow. We’ve already got seven episodes in the bag and cannot wait to share them all with you. The same goes for the Super Chapter Select exclusive battles! It’s been a blast to hunker down and try to learn the ways of competitive Pokémon.

If you would like to watch these battles, as well as listen to longer and exclusive episodes, you just need to sign up for Super Chapter Select, which now has two tiers of membership. There’s the $20/year plan we launched with and now a $2.50/month option as well.

So why offer a much cheaper tier only a month after launch? A few reasons, so let me explain.

The biggest reason we launched with one plan was I wanted simplicity. No muddying the waters with tiers and varying access. I wanted to keep it simple and clean. A factor in that was the way members accessed their exclusive content. I was having trouble figuring out how to use Memberful to verify membership, so I resorted to a password protected page.

Well, I hunkered down and got the Memberful integration sorted out. Now the page is protected by active, verified memberships. This means I can have multiple tiers, that way someone couldn’t pay for one month and then just reuse the password to the page all year long.

This may seem unfair to launch a cheaper plan after folks paid for a $20 one. I promise there will be no backlash, because no one has signed up yet. 😅 While a bit disheartening, I’m still excited and proud of the work. It can live here and be ready for whenever someone wants to support the show. I believe with an active season like Pokémon will help encourage membership.

Thank you all for your support and understanding. I hope you enjoy the launch of Season 6 tomorrow!