[The definitive Xbox Gamescom interview](https://www.eurogamer.net/the-definitive-xbox-gamescom-interview) by Tom Phillips for Eurogamer via [VGC](https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/xbox-boss-says-current-gen-console-prices-wont-come-down-like-they-used-to/) > “As soon as you start doing mid-gen refreshes, you’ve got a bunch of issues in front of developers, on what platform they target…” I’m sure that isn’t an issue now with Series S and X… From [IGN](https://www.ign.com/articles/baldurs-gate-3-on-xbox-series-xs-exists-announcement-delayed-due-to-technical-issues) in February: > In a statement to IGN, Larian Studios clarified the situation, saying the studio is “planning to release Baldur’s Gate 3 for PC, Mac, GeForce NOW and PS5.” An Xbox version is in development, but Larian Studios has struggled to get splitscreen co-op working on Xbox Series X|S, causing it to delay an official announcement. Credit where it is due though, Phil does address *Baldur’s Gate 3*. > On S, specifically, we designed the box with similarities to X, and clear places where we’re targeting a different performance. And we’re taking feedback from devs including Larian, I met with them today to talk about it and I’m confident we’re going to find a good solution and we’re going to learn. > I don’t see a world where we drop S. In terms of parity, I don’t think you’ve heard from us or Larian, that this was about parity. I think that’s more that the community is talking about it. Microsoft wants to have their ecosystem on servers and in the cloud. Then this parity issue goes away. Except for the parity of internet connections, screens played on, control interfaces… 🤔