Every September is childhood cancer awareness month. And since 2019, podcast network Relay FM has raised $2.2 million with their community. For the [[St. Jude and Relay FM|past]] [[September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – 512 Pixels|three]] [[September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – 2022 Notice|years]] , I’ve shared and donated, but for 2023 I wanted to do more. I’ll be streaming myself racing in every track in every single *Mario Kart* game.[^1][^2] Every Thursday evening during September from 7:00 PM EST to whenever I beat that night’s slate of games, I’ll be burning rubber and raising money. You can [donate](https://tiltify.com/@maxfrequency/mario-kart-st-jude) right now! Here is the schedule: ### September 7, 2023 — [Race Day #1 Stream Link](https://www.youtube.com/live/vbUKrYBUUYs) - *Super Mario Kart* (1992, Super Nintendo, 20 Tracks) - *Mario Kart 64* (1996, Nintendo 64, 16 Tracks) - *Mario Kart: Super Circuit* (2001, Game Boy Advance, 16 Tracks) ### September 14, 2023 — [Race Day #2 Stream Link](https://www.youtube.com/live/kHgc3z4ZZrA) - *Mario Kart: Double Dash* (2003, GameCube, 16 Tracks) - *Mario Kart DS* (2005, Nintendo DS, 32 Tracks) ### September 21, 2023 — [Race Day #3 Stream Link](https://www.youtube.com/live/fUZdAV7mDu0) - *Mario Kart Wii* (2008, Nintendo Wii, 32 Tracks) - *Mario Kart 7* (2011, Nintendo 3DS, 32 Tracks) ### September 28, 2023 — [Race Day #4 Stream Link](https://www.youtube.com/live/MaXUeuSox1s) - *Mario Kart 8 Deluxe* (2017, Nintendo Switch, 96* Tracks) Total Track Count = 260* --- So what’s up with the asterisk? Well, *MK8D*’s 96 tracks includes all the Booster Course DLC pack, which has one more wave of tracks to drop before the end of 2023. I’m not sure that will release by the end of September, but you never know! BUT! There is a way you can add more tracks to this month-long race. Thanks to the campaign tools, I can set incentives and such. One tier is to add the [All Cup Tour](https://mariokart.fandom.com/wiki/All_Cup_Tour) to my *Double Dash* session, making me play *Double Dash* twice. Another is to add the fan modded *Mario Kart 64: Amped Up*, which houses 16 tracks of its own! Those aren’t the only incentives either. Want to pick which speed I play at? Am I racing in Mirror Mode? Those are the ones I feel like I can safely figure out how to offer. Maybe throughout the month I’ll find ways to let folks pay to pick my racer or kart or controller? I don’t promise any of those three though. 😅 When Relay FM and St. Jude launched the community fundraiser tools last year, my mind began spinning about what I could do this year. I’ve been thinking about this marathon since then. I’m excited to try and raise money the best way I know how. I hope you’ll hang out with me this month, but more importantly, I hope you will donate and help the kids. --- [^1]: Okay, I don’t have an arcade machine for *Mario Kart Arcade GP*. Or those remote controlled, build-your-own track RC cars. I do hear [Casey Liss owns those RC cars though](https://overcast.fm/+rAA9Plwo8/27:02). [^2]: I also won’t be playing vanilla *Mario Kart 8* on Wii U. I was torn on this, but the Switch port is the same game with better performance and new racers. The tracks and functionality are identical though.