The other day I was editing one of the [[Chapter Select|Super Chapter Select]] bonus *Pokémon* battle videos and I wanted to incorporate a gag. The premise was simple; just track a video clip over the face of one of us for comedic effect. Final Cut Pro has a tracker built in and I’ve used it before, but this time I wanted the clip doing the tracking to rotate and scale with the base clip beneath. I could not get it to work. I was banging my head against the problem, searching around Google and YouTube, but coming up with barebones basics. I reached out in a Discord and even messaged one of my video editor friends. I could not solve my problem. Then the idea to use ChatGPT hit me. My biggest hurdle in my search quest was wordsmithing my question down to something that Google would spit back the solution I needed. With ChatGPT, I didn’t need to do that at all. I explained my problem in six sentences. I was as clear as I felt I needed to be. In seconds, ChatGPT had spit out a six step process that it thought would solve my issue. You can read the entire conversation [[My Conversation with ChatGPT about FCP|here]]. I’ve also saved it as a PDF, in case the link goes away some day.[^1] Now, ChatGPT’s steps didn’t work for me. The key bit of information was the term “Match Motion.” This was a term I had not come across before. With this new pair of words, I immediately found a video that helped me use the application [Motion](, not Final Cut Pro. Within the hour, I had the exact gag I wanted to create. This experience felt like a technological revelation. I was able to write/speak in a candid manner to a computer and get useful information. While the tool itself did not solve the problem directly, the I still arrived at the solution thanks to what it told me. Between AI generated transcripts for my [[Podcasts]], the generated art for [[S5 - Resident Evil|Chapter Select Season 5 – Resident Evil]], and now this, I have come to value what these tools can provide me. They aren’t replacing my work. They are enhancing my ability to make better things. --- [^1]: It went away.