Friday Night Stream – The Order: 1886

Well folks, I did it. I raced every cup, track, game in the Mario Kart franchise. We raised $620 over the course of the month! This totally blew my mind and I am so thankful for everyone that tuned in or donated. I plan on writing a reflective post about what I learned and some behind-the-scenes1, but now it is time for my Thursday* night streams to return to “regularly” scheduled programming.

For October, I wanted to pick some spooky-themed games. To kick off the month, I decided to return to The Order: 1886. It’s a short and sweet game that seemed perfect for streaming. I won’t beat it in one sitting like I did eight years ago, but I imagine I’ll still have fun.

I’ve long been a defender of The Order: 1886. The game seems to be having a reflective resurgence this year with people realizing/remembering it wasn’t all that bad. Maybe in today’s landscape of 60-100 hour open world RPGs, a highly polished AAA 5-6 hour cover shooter is refreshing. Come hang out tonight and let’s find out if I was right eight years ago.

1. Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do some big post-event deep dive. 😅