[The Last of Us 2: Remastered listed on Naughty Dog dev’s LinkedIn](https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/the-last-of-us-2-remastered-listed-on-naughty-dog-devs-linkedin/) by Tom Ivan for Video Games Chronicle > The Last of Us 2: Remastered has been spotted on the LinkedIn profile of a Naughty Dog developer. > > The developer in question is lead outsource artist Mark Pajarillo, who has been at the Sony studio since January 2021. > > “Responsible for overseeing the production of all outsourced environment art assets, weapons and interactive props for two iconic titles The Last of Us: Part One and The Last of Us 2: Remastered,” reads his LinkedIn profile. > > While Sony hasn’t officially announced a Last of Us Part 2 remaster, one is anticipated. LinkedIn? More like LeakedIn, am I right? ![[231006_TLOUPII-Remaster-LinkedIn-Leak.png]] As of this writing, Mark’s [profile](https://www.linkedin.com/in/mpajarillo/) stills lists *The Last of Us Part II: Remastered*.[^1] This PS5 (and presumably PC) version of *Part II* has been rumored for some time now. I’m just shocked employees freely disclose these in-production titles on LinkedIn. Concerning the game itself, I wonder what will be the differentiating factors between it and the PS5 patch for the game. I suspect the usual table stakes; faster load times, a variety of visual modes, increased resolution, etc. I’d guess that the enhanced character models from Part I will make the jump where appropriate. But where else? The PS5 patch already gives a solid 60fps. The haptics change per weapon on the DualSense. To me, this version of the game is Naughty Dog migrating *The Last of Us* to the updated PS5 and PC engine pipeline to clear the deck and prepare the way for their future titles. The IP is popping right now with the show. Get both games on all the modern hardware. It’s exhausting to see remake and remaster so frequently with nothing truly new, but I get it. Hopefully, this is announced (and released) soon. --- [^1]: It irks me to no end when outlets and the game’s own developers don’t use the proper title. It’s not “The Last of Us 2” or even “Part 2.” It’s *The Last of Us Part II*. The remake of the first game is *The Last of Us Part I*; not Part One, Part 1, 1, or even just *The Last of Us*, which is the PS3 version of the game. I know, I know. SEO rules all and second is convenience. No one wants to type out Roman numerals.[^2] [^2]: Side note in this footnote: I wonder what the codename for this remaster is. *The Last of Us* was “T1.” *The Last of Us Part II* was, you guessed it, “T2.” *Part I* was “T1X,” so my guess is that the *Part II* remaster is “T2X.” The only gap i could see is dependent on what the codename for *The Last of Us Remastered* was. I’ll have to look that up.