A demo for a new Undertale game has been released on PC and Mac. True to its word, [24 hours after strange tweets requesting Undertale fans check back in today](https://www.dualshockers.com/undertale-toby-fox-feedback-tomorrow/), the official Undertale Twitter account put out seven tweets announcing a website that leads to a download for a “SURVEY PROGRAM.” The full message from the tweets is as follows: > “THANK YOU FOR WAITING SO LONG. AFTER ALL YOU AND I, WE HAVE BOTH BEEN WAITING SUCH A VERY LONG TIME. SO TO BE HERE FINALLY ON THE VERGE OF CONNECTION IS QUITE EXCITING. I LOOK FORWARD TO CREATING A NEW FUTURE WITH YOU. NOW! SHOW YOURSELF! DELTARUNE! deltarune.com deltarune.com deltarune.com” Heading to the website provides a few final warnings including one about flashing imagery and possibly overriding your PC’s security protocols. At the bottom of the page, there are links to download the demo in English or Japanese on PC or Mac. In regards to overriding PC security protocols, creator Toby Fox tweeted out a quick guide on how to run the SURVEY PROGRAM on Windows PCs. > I know a lot of people will have trouble with Windows Defender so I made a brief guide to help you. pic.twitter.com/qQStDfcMiI I had no problems getting the demo to run on my MacBook Pro. Without diving too deep into the narrative presented, Deltarune (an anagram for Undertale) features a slightly new combat system with party members, new enemies that can be attacked or spared, and delightful dialogue between all new characters. The charm is undeniable, as are the new songs. The demo is a free download to anyone, so make sure to check it out.