The soundtrack for Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment has been announced for digital, CD, and vinyl. Being handled once again by Brave Wave, the soundtrack is available for pre-order in Europe now with pre-orders in America opening up on December 4. The soundtrack will be released in January 2019. All 25 songs from the fantastic expansion will be available on music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, alongside the physical releases. The CD is set to release in early January, while the vinyl will ship later that month. As for the vinyl, it will come in two variations. A limited edition variant will have gold and silver colored records, while the standard edition will have black and red colored records. Other than that, the music, art, and price are consistent across the two records. The vinyl will cost $36 and will be sold by [Fangamer]( with pre-orders starting, as mentioned before, on December 4 at 10:00 AM PST (that's 1:00 PM EST). They will also include a digital download code for the album as well. The album art has been done by Hitoshi Ariga, who is known for his work on Mega Man and Pokémon. Ariga also did the art for the first two Shovel Knight soundtracks. It features Specter Knight stylishly slashing through the key, defining elements of the other knights in the Order of No Quarter. This is the penultimate vinyl release for Shovel Knight. Brave Wave reconfirmed that Shovel Knight: King of Cards' soundtrack will be released during Summer 2019, which will be after [the final DLC's release on April 9, 2019]( The Specter of Torment soundtrack release is just one element of Shovel Knight's last bit of new content. Alongside King of Cards and its inevitable soundtrack release, there is also the [triple amiibo pack featuring the Knights from the DLC](; Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight. [There is the multiplayer Showdown mode]( that is launching with King of Cards. Shovel Knight will also soon be getting [a new physical release on Switch and PS4](