Pre-orders for the Kingdom Hearts III custom PS4 Pro are live today exclusively at GameStop according to the PlayStation Blog. [Originally revealed at E3 2018](, this exclusive PS4 Pro comes bundled with a physical copy of Kingdom Hearts III, a special controller, and a 1TB hard drive. It will cost $399.99 USD and $499.99 CAD in Canada. The PS4 Pro is detailed with an intricate drawing combining many signature elements of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, such as Keyblades, hearts, and crowns. There is a special Kingdom Hearts logo in the corner as well. The controller also has detailing on the touchpad and a crown above the D-Pad and a heart below the D-Pad. You can check it out in the gallery below. The bundle will also include PlayStation exclusive digital content. There is a "Kingdom Hearts III Limited Edition Original Theme" as well as the Midnight Blue Keyblade, which looks similar to the Star Seeker Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts II. Japan is also getting this exclusive PS4 Pro, but it isn't their only special edition PS4. [Announced last month, Japan is also getting a special Kingdom Hearts III edition PS4 Slim]( It features the more [traditional checkerboard design of previous Kingdom Hearts collector's editions](, with symbols from the series. The same Kingdom Hearts logo on the PS4 Pro is featured in the upper middle of this system. This system will also come with an exclusive theme for the PS4 cross-media bar. [Kingdom Hearts III went gold last month](, truly signaling that this game is finally almost out. [The game is nearly 35GB on Xbox One](, but the file size for PS4 has not been revealed yet. Throughout the whole month of December, there will be three new trailers to help push the game into its final marketing campaign. [[Kingdom Hearts III's Opening Cinematic Gets a Trailer|The first trailer was released last week and showed off a part of the game's opening cinematic]]. You can pre-order the Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro bundle on GameStop's website or by going into your local store. Pre-ordering online will not charge your credit card until the item prepares to ship. You will have to put some money down if you do a pre-order in stores. Fans in Canada may pre-order the bundle from EB Games.