Bandai Namco Entertainment America has confirmed the inclusion of Boruto Uzumaki, Gaara, Kakashi Hatake, and Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto fame in Jump Force, along with a new Konoha stage. They have released a few new screenshots for Boruto and all-new screenshots for Kaguya. You can see them in our gallery down below. [The characters were leaked just three days ago](, thanks to the latest issue of VJump leaking ahead of their intended release. Later on that day, [some official screenshots of only Boruto]( were released by Bandai Namco on their Twitter account. All four of these characters hail from the Naruto franchise. It's a balanced announcement with Boruto and Kakashi being good guys and Gaara and Kaguya being villains. Jump Force character reveals never seem to stop. [A recent Instagram ad leaked]( the inclusion of characters from Dragon Quest and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which features the song "Roundabout" by Yes. Bandai Namco has also released trailers promoting [pre-order bonuses]( for the game with goodies from iconic franchises, including Naruto. The [open beta for the game]( just ended yesterday. Fear not though, the game will be out soon enough. Jump Force will unleash its anime fever crossover of your wildest dreams on February 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you'd like to pre-order a copy, you may do so on Amazon here.