The time has arrived for the Phantom Thieves to get the seemingly mandatory Funko Pop line up for fans to ravenously hunt down and purchase. Funko revealed today at the London Toy Fair that five Persona 5-themed Pops will be coming out at some point in 2019. The five Pops will include the protagonist, Ryuji, Ann, and Morgana all in their Phantom Thieves attire. Ryuji will be Skull with his signature pipe and rock n' roll hand gesture. Ann will be in her red Panther jumpsuit with a really long tail. Morgana will be as cute as ever with his wide, blue eyes. The protagonist, who goes by Joker when dressed up, will have two variants; one with a mask and the other without one. The unmasked variant will be a Chase Limited Edition. Check out each one in the gallery below. These cute Funko Pops aren't the only new Persona 5 related items coming out in 2019. [Persona 5 R was announced right before the new year](, with more news promised for March 2019, just two months away. [Joker will also be the first fighter pack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]( Persona 5 may have come out in 2016, but the hype train shows no signs of slowing down. [You can read our review of Persona 5 here](