Late in the night (on the East Coast anyway) Arthur Morgan's actor Roger Clark shared a fan-made trailer for *Red Dead Redemption 2* on Twitter. Titled "Change" and [created by the YouTube channel Karol](, this fan-made trailer is their seventh video on the channel. Check it out below. Combining shots from official Rockstar trailers and in-game shots using the cinematic camera with bits from the song "Zombie" by Damned Anthem off the album Uncovered, Karol has made a trailer that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Rockstar's best. It takes all the elements Rockstar practices in their own trailers and executes them perfectly. Narration from the characters with an emphasis on a theme in the game, action to illustrate the things players can do in the game, and a choice music selection to elevate the visuals. When comparing it side-by-side to Rockstar's own trailers, it's easy to think that Karol's trailer is an official one. [_Red Dead Redemption 2_'s launch trailer]( has an emphasis on loyalty and modern times changing. [The third trailer]( revolves around Dutch's Gang and their lives with an underlying tension that builds. [Rockstar's second trailer paints Arthur Morgan as a tough man](, willing to do anything for Dutch and the gang. Karol's trailer has its focus on the theme of change, arguably one of the game's strongest threads throughout the entire story. It's powerful and enticing. Even after sinking countless hours into the game, it made me want to reinstall the game and play the 60-hour story again. [[My Favorite Part of Red Dead Redemption 2 is Reading the Journal|It reminded me of what I loved most about Red Dead Redemption 2]] and why it's such a triumphant feat for storytelling in video games. [In our review of _Red Dead Redemption 2_](, Ryan Meitzler praised that the story " takes so many twists, turns, and surprises that it holds its own in crafting an engaging tale with so many exceptional moments to enjoy." Fans love the story, game, and world so much, [that some have even painted fan art on their nails]( Rockstar's latest truly is one to inspire fans at the least and Karol is just the latest to share his love for the game.