> Why is nobody talking about #LittleAmerica? Oh yeah, it’s on AppleTV+. > > I gotta say, out of the four shows I’ve watched on AppleTV+, so far I’m loving three of them (Little America, For All Mankind, & Morning Show). What other network or streaming service has that track record? > > – Peter Sciretta via [Twitter](https://twitter.com/PeterSciretta/status/1220237929840144384) Peter’s thoughts echo my feelings about Apple TV+ and the shows that Abby and I have been watching on the service – [_The Morning Show_](https://tv.apple.com/us/show/the-morning-show/umc.cmc.25tn3v8ku4b39tr6ccgb8nl6m), [_For All Mankind_](https://tv.apple.com/us/show/for-all-mankind/umc.cmc.6wsi780sz5tdbqcf11k76mkp7), [_See_](https://tv.apple.com/us/show/see/umc.cmc.3s4mgg2y7h95fks9gnc4pw13m), and [_Servant_](https://tv.apple.com/us/show/servant/umc.cmc.4y25wuby7pck9o6vaubbbk7gb). We just wrapped up _For All Mankind_ not long ago (_holy cow_, that finale) and devoured _Servant_ week-by-week. We are near the end of _The Morning Show_ and have half of _See_ left. The two of us are shocked how much of a banger we think each of these shows are. Granted, [like Peter says in a follow-up tweet](https://twitter.com/PeterSciretta/status/1220238644415320064?s=20), there are plenty of shows on Apple TV+ that I haven’t watched, either because I am not interested in them (_Dickinson_ and _Helpsters_ for example) or I just haven’t made time due to the flood of new TV shows/rewatching _Better Call Saul_ (_Truth Be Told_ and _Little America_ fit this mold). They can’t all be slam dunks either, right? Although, [the press seems to be digging _Little America_](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/little-america-review-1268518) quite a bit. I certainly hear the praises for some of these shows online and on podcasts, like [Upgrade](https://www.relay.fm/upgrade). The echo chamber of Twitter is ringing with endorsements, but I don’t know anyone personally that has even seen these shows. Abby and I have done our due diligence as avid TV watchers. Particularly with _For All Mankind_, we have bugged my dad quite a bit about checking it out, knowing it would be right up his alley. I’ve told my space-loving friend about it too, but once he heard it is on Apple TV+, he seemed to check out. I’m not sure if it is bias against Apple and its products (he is a ride-or-die PC and Android user) or just a lack of signing up for yet another streaming service, even as a trial. There is also the hurdle of actually using the service. Without owning an Apple device, users will either [watch online](https://tv.apple.com/) or through the app on [one of the listed devices/TVs](https://www.apple.com/apple-tv-app/devices/). More platforms are coming soon according to Apple, but it clearly is not as wide spread as streaming titans like Netflix or Hulu. Apple TV+ is just not as convenient. A major convenience is there for anyone who has bought a new Apple product since [September 10, 2019](https://offers.appletvapp.apple/) with Apple offering a free year of Apple TV+. If you don’t buy a new Apple device, the low entry fee of $5 a month is enticing when compared to the $15 or so for Netflix. This is certainly working too with reports of a [33.6 million customer base in the US during Q4 2019](https://daringfireball.net/linked/2020/01/23/us-streaming-stats). That is over half of Netflix’s 61.3 million reported in that same quarter. Maybe the odds are not in my favor and I just do not have personal friends within that 33.6 million. I do wonder though that if these shows were on HBO or Netflix, if I’d have an easier time getting friends to give them a shot or even sign up for a service. As a platform (the Apple TV app) and as a service (Apple TV+), I am slightly reminded of iTunes. Before [its death](https://512pixels.net/2019/05/a-collection-of-itunes-errors/) in late 2019, iTunes was a behemoth. It was even a huge deal when [Apple brought it to Windows](https://youtu.be/_ItdjM32FK8?t=1123). The Apple TV app and its “+” service are in relative infancy if it is to grow into the platform Apple surely hopes to make it. The streaming wars are full-steam ahead. While Apple has had a strong start, I wonder if they can keep their user base going after these free trials expire. I wonder if the quality of the content will continue to surpass my expectations (or just be consistent with the bar they’ve set so far, that’d be great too). I wonder what the introduction of even more services will do. I am excited to keep on watching though: Both the shows and the service as they develop.