[Analogue Store](https://www.analogue.co/store) I had a feeling that this was going to happen soon. I kept look at the Mega SG consoles, noticing that the stock was limited to the USA and JPN variant. The [[My Journey to Playing with Super Power – Thoughts on the Super NT|Super NT]] has been out of stock [[Super NT Black Color Variant Returns|throughout 2020]]. The Analogue [[Analogue Pocket Sells Out in 10 Minutes|Pocket famously sold out in 10 minutes]]. The [[Analogue DAC Thoughts and Impressions|Analogue DAC]] is also out of stock, ending the second run of the niche digital-to-analog converter. Those fortunate enough with an Analogue Pocket [[Analogue Pocket Pre-Orders Go Live on August 3|pre-order]] should expect the console in May 2021. Analogue is also launching a PC-Engine/Turbografx console dubbed the Analogue Duo this year. I imagine pre-orders will sell out immediately. In fact, as of this writing, the only Analogue product in stock is a triple pack of Mega SG cartridge adapters for $49.99, plus $20~ in shipping. Hopefully Analogue can resupply all of their non-exclusive variant consoles and make some new ones (like an affordable NES console). They do rock solid work and I love my Super NT and DAC. I cannot wait for my Pocket to arrive to test and play it to no end. I just wish Analogue’s products were more widely available for folks.