[*Paper Mario* has been fully decompiled, meaning PC ports and mods are possible](https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/paper-mario-has-been-fully-decompiled-meaning-pc-ports-and-mods-are-possible/) by Chris Scullion for Video Games Chronicle > Coder Ethan Roseman says he’s been able to reverse engineer the game’s full source code, resulting in a recreation of the code rather than a straight copy. > > The news opens the door to potential ‘legal’ PC ports and mods of the game which technically don’t infringe on any Nintendo copyright. > > “I’m extremely happy to announce that after 3+ years of working on a decompilation project for *Paper Mario*, we have reached 100% completion for the US version of the game,” Roseman said on Twitter. “Every compiled function has been matched.” I’ve have had the itch to spend time with *Paper Mario* as of late. Perhaps it’s because I see it in retro stores for $90 and have begun to think “that’s not *that* [expensive](https://www.pricecharting.com/game/nintendo-64/paper-mario).” Perhaps, I just want that cozy game while my life is surrounded by change and hustle. Glad to see N64 classics continue to be broken down for the PC world.