Max Frequency is hosted by [Obsidian Publish]( and is published through [Obsidian]( *[[The Max Frequency Podcast]]* and *[[Chapter Select]]* are hosted and published through [Libsyn]( [[Podcasts#Retired|Retired shows]] are hosted for free with [Spotify for Podcasters]( Vital apps (besides Obsidian): - [Audio Hijack](, recording audio - [Logic](, audio editing - [MacWhisper](, for podcast transcriptions - [NetNewsWire](, for RSS feeds and news - [Pastel](, creating and organizing color palettes - [Pixelmator Pro](, image editing For the current slate of tools and toys, check out the [[Gear]] page. Max Frequency is written and produced by [[About|Max Roberts]]. It features writing from defunct sites, blogs, and places that remove author's names. It was all written by Max. You may check out the history of the site's design on the [[Changelog]] or see it all in action on the [[Theme Testing]] page.