Chapter Select is a seasonal, retrospective podcast. Hosts [[About|Max Roberts]] and [Logan Moore]( pick a series to bounce back and forth between its entries, exploring their evolution, design, and legacy. Each season focuses on a different series with guests joining along the way to discuss and examine media outside of individual titles. Subscribe! [RSS Feed]( – [Apple Podcasts]( – [Overcast]( – [Pocket Casts]( – [Spotify]( – [YouTube]( > [!status]- Production Status > Chapter Select Seasons 7 and 8 are in production. Check out each page for specific status. # [[S8 - Castlevania|Season 8 - Castlevania]] ![[S8 Placeholder Art.jpg]] Season 8 will be all about *Castlevania*. # [[S7 - Metroid Prime|Season 7 - Metroid Prime]] ![[S7 Placeholder Art.jpg]] Season 7 will be all about *Metroid Prime*. # [[S6 - Pokémon|Season 6 - Pokémon]] ![[S6 Art.jpg]] We want to be the very best; like no podcast ever was! Welcome to Season 6 of Chapter Select! It is time for us to catch them all as we tackle *Pokémon*. “Rivals” Max Roberts and Logan Moore set out on a grand adventure to collect, battle, and study this legendary series. # [[S5 - Resident Evil|Season 5 - Resident Evil]] ![[S5 Art.jpg]] Welcome to Season 5 of Chapter Select! Logan Moore brings Max Roberts under Capcom’s horror umbrella and guides him through this nightmarish franchise. Clear out your inventory. Turn off the lights. It’s time for…*Resident Evil*! # [[S4 - The Fast and The Furious|Season 4 - The Fast & The Furious]] ![[S4 Art.jpg]] Logan has never been a part of the Fast Family, while Max has been riding with the crew since the Miami days. Grab a Corona, order a tuna fish sandwich, and buckle up as we explore this legendary series. # [[S3 - Banjo-Kazooie|Season 3 - Banjo-Kazooie]] ![[S3 Art.jpg]] *Banjo-Kazooie* is a unique series with so few entries. From the warm, fuzzy glow of the N64 to the crispness of XSX, Season 3 aims to figure out if Banjo-Threeie needs to be made or if fans are just cuckoo. # [[S2 - God of War|Season 2 - God of War]] ![[S2 Art.jpg]] *God of Wa*r is one of PlayStation Studios’ strongest series. Before *Ragnarök*, Season 2 goes back to see how Kratos has (and hasn’t) changed over the last 15 years. # [[S1 - Paper Mario|Season 1 - Paper Mario]] ![[S1 Art.jpg]] Thanks to the power of the Wii U, Season 1 is all about Nintendo’s paper-stylized RPG series that has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. # [[S0 - The Last of Us|Season 0 - The Last of Us]] ![[S0 Art.jpg]] Hot off the heels of *The Last of Us Part II*, Max and Logan decided to test Chapter Select’s format with Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic series.