Here is a list of all my podcasts and guest appearances throughout the years. I hope you enjoy the shows, whether they are new or old. # Active ## [[Chapter Select]] A seasonal podcast where host Max Roberts and Logan Moore pick a series to bounce back and forth between its entries, exploring their evolution, design, and legacy. Each season explores a different series with guests joining our hosts along the way to explore media outside of individual titles. ## [[The Max Frequency Podcast]] Join Max Roberts and guests to talk about games, technology, and life. This is podcasting at Max’s frequency. --- # Retired ## [[Behind the Pixel]] Max’s interview show with different folks in the video game industry. With interviews from jazz musicians to game developers, this short run show was originally a part of Model Citizens Media. The show has now been reincorporated into the Max Frequency Podcast feed. ## [[But Our Princess is in Another Castle]] (BOPIIAC) My first podcast, which was started in the summer of '08. It was formed with online friends met through the hype of *Super Smash Bros. Brawl*. Rocky Ankeny and Ava Wray joined me for some 32~ episodes as we focused on Nintendo. ## [[Chasing the Stick – The History of Naughty Dog|Chasing the Stick: The History of Naughty Dog during the PS4 Era]] A deep-dive into the history of PlayStation Studios team Naughty Dog and their development during the PS4 generation. From the *The Last of Us* on PS3 to Nathan Drake’s finale in *Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End* to the 7-year sequel, *The Last of Us Part II*, Chasing the Stick explores how the team puts narrative on the control stick. The podcast is a free audiobook version of [[Chasing the Stick - The History of Naughty Dog during the PS4 Era|the written story]]. ## [[Millennial Gaming Speak]] Max Roberts and Logan Moore’s weekly video game news podcast. After reconnecting through the power of Twitter, the two friends decided to dive into the world of podcasting together. The show was eventually rolled into Model Citizens Media. Millennial Gaming Speak ran from 2015 through 2018. ## [[The Game Boys]] The Game Boys was a very short lived podcast from my original blog Go Left Gaming. It launched in 2013 and only had four episodes. I got the [[But Our Princess is in Another Castle|BOPIIAC]] crew back together with alongside Mitchell Morgan to give podcasting a shot. ## [[The Model Citizens Show]] An occasional fare with Logan Moore, Michael Ruiz, Mario Rivera, Grant Callahan, and myself. The show originally ran from February 2017 through February 2018. In 2022, the boys decided to [[The Model Citizens Show has Been Revived|resurrect the show]] on a semi-monthly basis. --- # Guest Appearances ## Bantam Banter - [Episode 17: Nintendo Island]( ## Comicbook Nation's Quick Save - [[Guest Appearance on ComicBook Nation’s Quick Save|Our Hopes for the Invincible Video Game]] ## Controlled Interests - [Nintendo Predictions & Expectations E3 2018]( - [PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Reactions & Analysis – Controlled Intetersts Gamecast Ep. 193]( - [The Last Of Us Part 2 Spoilercast – Controlled Interests Gamecast Special]( - [PlayStation 5 September 2020 Event & Pre-Order Madness Reactions – Controlled Interests Gamecast Ep. 206]( ## Drop In/ Drop Out - [Episode 3 — With A Little Help From My Friends]( - [Episode 6 — Reactions to The Game Awards]( - [Episode 10 — Mortal Kombat 11 Looks Really Good and YIIK is Really Bad]( - [Episode 14 — We Love Role-Playing Game Games]( - [Episode 17 — DIDO is Dead]( - [Episode 18 — E3 2019 Predictions Extravaganza]( ## Irrational Passions - [Ep. 340 with Max Roberts]( - [Ep. 374 with Max Roberts]( ## The PowerSwitch - [The Fight for Battle Royale with Max Roberts – Episode 38]( ## Show Me Your News Ultimate - [Episode 10: We Told You This Last Week](