Ghost of Tsushima Japanese Story Trailer

Ghost of Tsushima Story Trailer (Japanese)

A couple weeks ago, Sucker Punch and Sony blew the doors wide open on Ghost of Tsushima. I am shocked that the game is scheduled to come out on June 26. When Sony said the game was set for “Summer 2020,” I would have guessed late summer. It is wild that the two swan songs for the PS4 are less than a month apart.

The story trailer is rad. The link at the top is the story trailer with the Japanese voice over. While the game is being made by Bellevue’s own Sucker Punch, the game will have Japanese voice-over with English subtitles. The studio seems to be going all in on authenticity. Although, I did find it funny that the lips don’t quite sync up because the trailer is meant for English. Like an inverse on Japanese films or anime being dubbed with English. Subbed vs dubbed has taken on a new form. I think playing with the Japanese track would be dope. For those that want to watch in English, here you go.

The Last of Us is Coming to HBO

Look for the light.

@clmazin and @Neil_Druckmann to develop the series adaptation of #TheLastOfUs, coming soon to HBO:

HBO via Twitter on March 5, 2020

I have heard great stuff about Craig and HBO’s Chernobyl series last year. I actually just picked it up on sale as some homework. I know The Last of Us movie was in production turmoil. A television series makes so much more sense for adapting a video game. I wonder what sort of lessons and challenges there will be adapting a story told so heavily via gameplay to a more passive medium like TV. Gameplay lets players develop a stronger sense of empathy and identity. The show has a unique challenge ahead of itself.

Xbox Series X Inside and Out

Xbox Series X: A Closer Look at the Technology Powering the Next Generation – Xbox Wire by Will Tuttle

Microsoft has dumped the motherlode of Xbox Series X information upon the world yesterday morning. All that is really left is the release date, the launch games (besides Halo Infinite), and the price. Microsoft has been doing extremely well with the consistent drip feed of next-gen news. This news was likely always scheduled to be revealed at GDC 2020, which was supposed to be held in person this week, but was cancelled due to COVID-19. Here are some of the tidbits I found most intriguing.

Starting with the actual box, I’ve always been a fan of the vertical design. Now that we have seen the inside and know the air flow, it reminds me quite a bit of the Mac Pro—from 2013. Can’t innovate anymore my ass. After the Red Ring of Death back in the 360 days, the emphasis on thermal management is always interesting to see in each Xbox.

Inside the box itself, the specs are off the charts compared to the current generation. Both the Xbox Wire article above and the Digital Foundry video dig into the nitty gritty. What I cared the most about was actually the SSD size, which is 1TB. I find that too small as a baseline considering how large these end-of-generation games actually are. Games like Red Dead Redemption II take up two discs while Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is easily 120+ Gbs. Thankfully, Microsoft confirmed what the mysterious port on the back of the Series X is meant for. The slot is a proprietary SSD expansion slot. Since all Series X games expect the SSD for performance, you can’t just load Series X games from a standard external HDD. These proprietary SSD cards seem small, but weighty (as Digital Foundry mentioned). I am curious how much these SSDs will cost. Memory cards are back!

Besides the Digital Foundry content, Austin Evans also got hands-on. His video is a bit more high energy than Digital Foundry. Austin also talked about the Series X on The Test Drivers podcast.

As the new generation kicks up, it is astounding to look at how much of a 180 Microsoft has made. They have really spent the past few years rebuilding the brand and have built a seemingly solid foundation for the Series X. Very much looking forward to see how the generation’s launch shakes out.

The Backlog of News

I’ve been pretty quiet on Max Frequency lately. There’s been lots I’ve wanted to post about: The Last Of Us on HBO, Horizon on PC, E3 2020 cancelation, and more. I’ve been focusing on a much larger editorial; my biggest ever. When I come home after work or wake up before…I’ve been focusing on that piece. If I had more time to better balance work, my family, and this blog, I’d definitely would have shared fuller thoughts on these stories. I’ve made a choice to focus on this larger piece though. It’ll be worth it, I think. Can’t wait to share it. That’s the cool thing about Max Frequency too. My writing at my pace. It is liberating.

Myself on Twitter on March 11, 2020

I think I summed my lack of posting pretty well on Twitter the other day. Fortunately, the editorial I mentioned is going through the editing process, which gives me some additional time to write about other stuff. You’ll see posts throughout the day with my thoughts on some of the recent news that I wanted to get written down.

As for what this editorial is, I think I’ll be announcing it soon.