Exploring the Legend – Fixing Breath of the Wild – Razbuten

Fixing Breath of the Wild by Razbuten on YouTube

Breath of the Wild is one of my favorite games ever made, but there are elements about it that I wish had been a bit different. Here is my best attempt at trying to solve those problems without reinventing the whole game. I like doing these sorts of thought experiments in order to try to better understand game design and what I like about games. Does this video matter much? lol no but hopefully it is interesting and fun. Anyway this is my attempt at fixing Breath of the Wild.

This will not be the only Razbuten video I plan to call out through out the 35th year of The Legend of Zelda’s existence, but as a new release today, I had to share it. Razbuten explores a well tread topic underneath the umbrella that is “how to improve Breath of the Wild.” When a game is both the 13th and 25th highest scored game of all time (thanks Wii U and Switch versions), that game is bound to have endless discussions about how it could have been better. It is a common format: take popular thing, criticize it, tear it down, etc.

Razbuten takes a much, much better approach here with a more rigid focus of tweaking the gameplay in small ways to create better incentives. Instead of remaking Breath of the Wild, Razbuten is approaching the game’s design and potential frustrations from a different angle; a more creative one I think, which is actually a key element in Breath of the Wild’s design that makes it an undeniable tour de force in gaming.

I don’t think there’s a more spot on example of this in the video than Razbuten’s focus on weapon durability. Since the game’s launch, weapon durability has been arguably the most contentious element of its design. Personally, I love when a weapon breaks as it encourages me to try new and different weapons, especially those I would have never used if I could just keep my favorite weapons. Instead of striking the mechanic all together or inventing some sort of repair/item longevity mechanic, Razbuten suggests leaning into the destructibility and incentivizing it. Make players reap rewards when their item breaks, beyond the rush of solving the current combat situation. I found the suggestion to be elegant.

This video is a treat and thought-provoking. Proof that Breath of the Wild has a strong legacy, even just four years after its release in 2017. It is rare to get a game this refreshing and engaging. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Analog Frontiers – Part 3: Preservation and Replication – My Life in Gaming

ANALOG FRONTIERS – Part 3: Preservation and Replication / MY LIFE IN GAMING – YouTube

I have been waiting for Part 3 of Analog Frontiers for quite a bit. No fault of My Life in Gaming; I have just been excited to see where Coury and Try take their documentary series. Part 3 is all about preservation and replication, which I take to mean a serious dive into FPGA emulation, clone consoles, the MiSTer, software emulation, and so on. This premise alone has countless ways to go and I am super stoked to watch. 

Noclip is Changing Today

Noclip is Changing Today – YouTube

Noclip has announced a reinvigorated focus for its company of two and their mission to create free video game documentaries. It’s been four and a half years since the company’s launch.

I actually had the pleasure of interviewing its founder, Danny O’Dwyer back in May 2017 for my old podcast Behind the Pixel. Noclip’s documentaries are something the industry desperately needs more of and they prove it can work and work well. Gaming is more than sales, emotes, etc. It’s the stories of the people that made them and how games came to be. Noclip finds and tells those stories exceptionally  well.

25 Years of Pokémon

Pokémon Presents | #Pokemon25 – YouTube

The opening video in the this presentation is truly remarkable. You don’t quite realize how long and how much has happened in 25 years until you see it all laid out. Pokémon is undeniable and in case you forgot how big it truly has been, is, and will continue to be, watch this.


Update (2/26/21): Now there is a standalone video of just the historical celebration – Pokémon 25 Years of Non-stop Adventure

Analogue Talks Pocket, Bots, Shipping, and Definitions

2021: Pocket, Bots, Scalpers, Limited Quantities vs Limited Editions and Customer Support – 2/22/21 – Analogue

The current global state of affairs has resulted in consequences that have affected the worldwide supply chain and this has temporarily slowed our ability to keep many of our products in stock (Super Nt, Mega Sg) and reduced production capacity for Pocket. We are aware that many users are frustrated that Pocket pre-orders sold out quickly and both Super Nt and Mega Sg are currently unavailable.

Pocket is not a Limited Edition product.  See below for a description of all terminology Analogue products are presented in. More Pockets will be available for purchase in 2021. With all things considered, we will be doing our best to keep Pocket in stock in 2021. Please sign up for a Stock Notification at analogue.co/store and you will be sent an email when Pocket will be available to purchase.

Analogue went all out with communication with their audience and being more transparent. It seems the company has heard the cries about the rough Pocket pre-order process and the their stock of other consoles being low/limited. This news comes as a positive sign that Analogue may be more open in the future. They still shared this information just months away from the restock of the Super NT, Mega SG, and DAC and the release of the Pocket, but some communication is better than none!

Between the restock, (hopefully) steady supply of Pocket consoles, and the launch of the Duo, Analogue is shaping up to have a solid 2021.