![[S0 Art.jpg]] Chapter Select Season 0 is *The Last Of Us*. During the wild success of the *Uncharted* series on PlayStation 3, Naughty Dog took a risk creating a character-driven post-apocalyptic adventure. The swan song of the console became the most awarded game of all time. Seven years later, a divisive sequel capped off the PlayStation 4 generation. - [RSS Feed](https://chapterselectpod.libsyn.com/rss) - [Overcast](https://overcast.fm/itunes1568777352/chapter-select) - [Apple Podcasts](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/chapter-select/id1568777352) - [Spotify](https://open.spotify.com/show/4f1TLZXbwtSX7uHROe9KlS) > [!scs] Super Chapter Select > Super Chapter Select is a premium version of the show that provides access to longer and exclusive episodes, as well as bonus videos. Sign up for [$2.50/month](https://maxfrequency.memberful.com/checkout?plan=99142) or [$20/year](https://maxfrequency.memberful.com/checkout?plan=76115) to gain access to everything! # Episodes - [[S0E1 - The Last of Us|Episode 1 – The Last Of Us (2013)]] - [[S0E2 - The Last of Us Part II|Episode 2 – The Last Of Us Part II (2020)]] # Related Posts ## [[Chasing the Stick - The History of Naughty Dog during the PS4 Era|Chasing the Stick: The History of Naughty Dog during the PS4 Era]] The definitive history of Naughty Dog during the PS4 generation that culminated in the creation of *The Last Of Us Part II*. ## [[The Last of Us Part II Review]] Max’s review of *The Last of Us Part II* a month or so after its release and the recording of this season’s *Part II* episode. ## [[Revisiting The Last of Us]] Max looks back on *The Last of Us* a few months before the release of its sequel. ## [[Left Behind Review– Welcome Home]] Max’s review of the *Left Behind* DLC in 2014. ## [[The Last of Us Review]] Max’s original review of *The Last of Us* hot off its release in 2013. ## [[S1 - Paper Mario Behind the Scenes|Behind the Scenes of Chapter Select Season 1]] A behind-the-scenes look at the production and performance of Season 1. ## [[Announcing Chapter Select – A New Seasonal Podcast with Logan Moore]] The announcement of Chapter Select itself.