Season 4 – The Fast and The Furious

Logan has never been a part of the Fast Family, while Max has been riding with the crew since the Miami days. Grab a Corona, order a tuna fish sandwich, and buckle up as we explore this legendary series.

Download (4MB) – Episode Transcript

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Season 4 has longer episodes, movie commentaries, reactions, and an exclusive bonus episode about Han’s origin story—Better Luck Tomorrow! You can see the full list below! There are over 8 hours of member content for Season 4 – The Fast and the Furious!

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Super Chapter Select Exclusive Content

Bonus Episode – Better Luck Tomorrow

Considered by director Justin Lin and actor Sung Kang to be Han’s origin story, Max and Logan watch Justin’s second film for the very first time in this exclusive episode. How does teen angst translate to the Fast Family?

Movie Commentaries

Max and Logan recorded two movie commentaries this season—2 Fast 2 Furious and Fast Five. Clearly, Max picked the movies. Watch along and enjoy their discussion in real time!

Short Film Reactions

Better Luck Tomorrow wasn’t the only F&F movie the boys hadn’t seen. The hosts dive down the rabbit hole of the two short films that are a part of the Fast Saga.


Fast X Trailer Reaction

Since wrapping up Season 4, the Fast X trailer has arrived. We sat down and had fun reacting to the impending insanity.

Behind the Scenes of Season 4

A behind-the-scenes look at the production and performance of Season 4.

Announcing Season 4

The announcement of the focus of Season 4.

The Practical Effects of the Vault Heist in Fast Five

This is Max’s favorite stunt in the whole franchise, so of course he wrote about it.