[So, I saw Civil War last night...](https://kottke.org/24/04/0044411-so-i-saw-civil-war) by Jason Kottke > So, I saw Civil War last night and while it’s well-made with good performances, I don’t quite know what to think of it. Have you seen any good reviews that might help me make sense of what, if anything, the movie was trying to say? I don't have a review to help Jason out and I am not a member of kottke.org, so I can't comment there, but who's to say I can't whip up a response here. Here's what I walked away with: **Violence begets violence begets violence.** Paired with the question: **Will the circle be unbroken?** When you take those two points and filter them through the Max-lens of *The Last of Us Part II*[^1], *Bioshock Infinite*. *Red Dead Redemption II*, etc. I don't think it is tough to see why [[Civil War is a Certifiable Banger|I loved the film]] so much. I think this notion is called out in the very [first trailer](https://youtube.com/watch?v=aDyQxtg0V2w&t=62) for the movie. > Every time I survived a war-zone, I thought I was sending a warning home. 'Don't do this.' But here we are. All of that paired with the totality of the film has had me chewing on it since Friday. Wonder what Jason will end up thinking. [^1]: I know, shocker.